Spice Home Company

21 years of experiance & growing healthy

Is a leading Egyptian company specialized in Growing, producing, and Exporting dried herbs, spices, and seeds all over the world

As a result of being the third generation in this field we spice home company have been distinguished by our high quality of herbs , spices and seeds which are the outcome of a comprehensive chain of procedures applied in cultivation, harvesting, natural drying and processing then exporting.

We cultivate most of our products and this gives us the stance to fully control and apply high quality cultivation programs. Fresh goods are dried naturally in our drying locations preserving their entities. The dried raw materials then go through the assigned processing procedures in the production location according to our clients’ quality specifications.  Then Goods are prepared in our warehouse for dispatching.

We are committed to grabbing all essential and necessary procedures at improving and developing all production stages; working in line with customer’s specifications, and elevating the performance of partners, employees, workers, and farmers. This has helped us earn and maintain our reputation of being one of the leading suppliers of dried herbs, spices and seeds. This has also been the main gateway to gain lifelong customers and set up longterm and strong business relations locally at first for ( 21 years ) and then with various leading companies around the world.

So, our main principles are to keep on our good reputation providing the worldwide with high-quality, fairly priced herbs and spices, friendly staff should always fulfill all our customers’ needs. 

Our main products for export as following

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