Cuminum cyminum

Cumin Seeds

Botanical Name ( Cominum cyminum )
Available Form:
  • Cumin Seeds 99% Quality
  • Cumin Seeds Powder
Season: Available all the Year
Packing: In polypropylene bags, weight depend upon form type.
Annual production capacity : 400 Ton
Storage conditions: Store in a cool dry place at temperature above 20 ° C and relative humidity 75%.

Cumin benefits

Cumin benefits
Cumin is a seed that has been used since antiquity. It’s health benefits and medicinal uses were well known even then. Today, this seed of a small flowering herb of the parsley family might not be used quite as much in food preparation as it was 5000 years ago, but it’s healing properties are still valued and used in natural and Ayurvedic healing. This traditional herbal remedy has many uses. I is a stimulant as well as a great herb for digestive disorders and even as a antiseptic of sorts. The seeds themselves are rich in iron and are thought to help stimulate the secretion of enzymes from the pancreas which can help absorb nutrients into the system. It has also been shown to boost the power of the liver's ability to detoxify the human body. Recent studies have revealed that cumin seeds might also have anti-carcinogenic properties1. In laboratory tests, this powerful little seed was shown to reduce the risk of stomach and liver tumors in animals. The health benefits of cumin for digestive disorders has been well known throughout history. It can help with flatulence, indigestion, diarrhea, nausea, morning sickness, and atonic dyspepsia. In this case, the seeds are boiled in water to make a tea of sorts - 1 teaspoon seeds to 1 glass water. Mix with salt and a teaspoon of coriander leaf juice. Cumin is also said to help relieve symptoms of the common cold due to it’s antiseptic properties. Again, you’ll want to boil the seeds in a tea and then drink a couple of times a day. If you also have a sore throat then try adding some dry ginger to help soothe it. Cumin can also be applied topically and is said to be a good salve for boils. Make a black cumin paste by grinding seeds with water and apply to the affected area. Cumin makes a great tonic for the body even if you don’t have a specific ailment to cure. It is said to increase the heat in the body thus making metabolism more efficient. It is also thought to be a powerful kidney and liver herb and can help boost your immune system. Though the appropriate studies have yet to be conducted, some believe black cumin seeds may even be able to help treat asthma and arthritis. So the next time you are offered a bowl of chili - go ahead and eat it. You may get something that tastes great along with the many health benefits of cumin.


Physical / Microbiological analysis

Physical characteristic




 grassy and herbaceous


 characteristic flavour


Cumin seeds

 particle size



 Microbiological analysis


Not detected in 25g

 escherichia coli


Yeast/mould (cfu into 1g no more than)

0,10 x 103

Chemical Analysis

Chemical Analysis

 moisture %


 extraneous matter %


 living & dead insects %


 mineral dirtines contents %


 organic dirtines contents %


 allergens material

It does‘t contain

Metal particles %


Pesticides residues

Meet eu regulations

Heavy metals (sr, sс)


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