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Does thyme treat acne?

Acne is a common problem among teenagers, although it can affect anyone at any age, and acne develops as a result of clogging hair follicles caused by the accumulation of oils and dead skin cells, which leads to the appearance of white, black heads, or inflamed pimples In the face, chest, upper back, and shoulders.

Recent studies have found that thyme has anti-acne properties, in addition to many other health benefits because thyme extract and oil contain many compounds, including:

* (Thymol) has an aromatic smell and antiseptic and anti-bacterial properties, and repels viruses and          some types of fungi.

* (Cineol) is used to treat and prevent many diseases such as respiratory infections, asthma, and arthritis.

 * (Borneol) known for its healing properties for kidney stones.

* (Carvacrol), which helps treat bacterial infections, bloating, coughing, and other conditions.

 *(Linalool) has an aromatic scent that may help relax.

* (Camphor) It is used to relieve pain, itching, irritation, and to treat chest congestion.

Benefits of thyme for acne.

Thyme extract can be more effective in treating acne than prescribed acne medications. Thyme extracts, medicinal calendula, and tincture of myrrh killed P. acnes within five minutes, but thyme extract was the most effective among them.

In addition, research has found that thyme has more antibacterial properties than benzoyl peroxide, which is the active ingredient in most acne creams and lotions.

How to make thyme extract for acne?

The method of preparing it is to soak the green thyme plant in alcohol for days or even weeks to extract the active compounds from it before using it in the treatment of acne.

Thyme- Herbal Remedy for Other Skin Problems.

Who doesn’t need impeccable skin. Having a skin with no skin break out or scar would not just encourage you be able to, even it represents the ideal soundness of your inward organs. Indeed, even various restorative and synthetic based items are accessible on the lookout, which ensures more youthful and perfect skin, yet normal cures can be one of the best and result situated ones for any skin related issue.

the Thyme oil, which can be weakened with water, can function as a characteristic skin toner and can delicate the sleek skin. In any case, benzoyl peroxide is popular for the skin break out treatment, however specialists have demonstrated that Thyme significantly affects Acne, then benzoyl peroxide, which is generally utilized in creams and face washes.

Being a characteristic treatment, any Thyme based skin treatment can’t make side impacts, while benzoyl peroxide can cause skin consuming sensation and bothering. Calming and antibacterial properties of Thyme are because of the presence of two synthetic compounds, found in the spice and they are thymol and carvacrol. In the event that you use Thyme at home, you can add water to weaken it. Thyme can be utilized as skin conditioning, face wash and as face clean and facial covering. Dried Thyme leaves can be blended in with water or you can utilize Thyme oil for treating skin break out or skin issues.

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