Caraway facilitates digestion and reduces Alzheimer’s disease.

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Caraway facilitates digestion and reduces Alzheimer’s disease.

Caraway belongs to the same family as some spices, such as: cumin, fennel, and anise. Caraway has many health benefits in addition to its wonderful nutritional value.

Caraway seeds are rich in protein, vitamins, carbohydrates and various essential minerals that are necessary for the body. It is also a good source of dietary fiber, vitamin C, vitamin E and B vitamins, and is characterized by a low percentage of fat.

Nutrients in caraway.

Caraway seeds and caraway powder have a high nutritional value, as caraway contains many vitamins, minerals and substances that are important and necessary for the health of the body, such as:

Dietary fiber. Each 100 grams of caraway contains 38 grams of dietary fiber, which is higher than the recommended daily intake of fiber.

The compounds that give caraway its distinctive aromatic smell have important antioxidant properties and help promote digestion as well.

High levels of copper, potassium, iron, calcium, selenium, magnesium, manganese and zinc.

The oil extracted from caraway seeds is rich in important antioxidants for the body.

Health benefits of caraway.

1- Improving digestion.

Caraway helped improve digestion and prevent bloating, digestive problems, colic and cramps. Research has proven these benefits. The Committee of the Scientific Advisory Council in Germany approved herbs used in folk medicine, including caraway, to treat digestive problems and bloating, and since 1990, and in 2016, the University of Würzburg chose German caraway as a medicinal plant can be used as an effective medicine, as it contains volatile oils derived from this group of plants, including carvol and carvin, to calm the muscles of the digestive system, relieve spasms and help expel gas.

Also, caraway seeds are especially useful for people with some chronic diseases of the digestive system, such as irritable bowel syndrome.

2-Improve cognition and prevent Alzheimer’s.

The amount of iron in caraway seeds increases hemoglobin production and increases blood flow. Appropriate amounts of oxygen and iron in the brain lead to increased cognitive performance and a decrease in cognitive disorders such as Alzheimer’s disease and dementia.

3- Reducing menstrual pain

Some women experience unpleasant cramps and pain during their period while the uterus is shedding its inner lining, and while many women may resort to pain relievers, some natural compounds may also help relieve cramps and pain.

One of these natural recipes is caraway, and it can be prepared simply by adding a teaspoon of caraway seeds to a cup of boiling water and leaving it for a short period, then filter the liquid from the caraway seeds after 10 minutes, add a little honey to it, and then drink it to relieve menstrual cramps.

General damage to caraway.

Caraway damage occurs most often, as a result of the conflict of its rich components with some medications for certain diseases, such as diabetes or anemia.

In addition, it is preferable not to take it during pregnancy, because it stimulates the menstrual cycle, and thus may lead to completely undesirable results during pregnancy.

In cases of taking vitamin iron in order to increase hair or nail growth, it is recommended to avoid caraway, as it may increase the body’s absorption of iron.

Caraway pills increase the possibility of exposure to some blood diseases, and are also prohibited during pregnancy.

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