Eating celery provides the body with important elements such as calcium, iron, and other elements.

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Eating celery provides the body with important elements such as calcium, iron, and other elements.

Celery is one of the aromatic plants that has a strong smell. It is from the family of fennel, which includes parsley and fennel, but it is grown in the shade and therefore it is less in chlorophyll, so it is the least green member of the family.

Celery is a vegetable that is eaten either raw or cooked for its essential benefits to the health and body of the human being.

Eating celery provides the body with important elements such as calcium, iron, potassium, carbohydrates and gels, and soothing elements.

Celery is also an alkaline vegetable as it contains about 95% water and is high in fiber, making it an incredible list of health benefits.

Nutritional value of celery.

Celery contains many nutritional values, as it contains sixteen of the energy, and contains sixty-nine percent of the protein, and contains fats with a value of up to seventeen percent, and the value of carbohydrates in celery reaches two percent, and it is considered rich in iron and exceeds the percentage of iron Celery contains up to forty percent, and it also contains sodium in an amount of up to two percent. It is worth noting that it contains vitamin C by up to eighty mg, ascorbic acid final by three mg, and cholesterol by zero percent.

Celery contains about seventeen percent of calories, twelve percent from carbohydrates, two percent from celery, and three percent from protein.

Health benefits of celery.

Celery contains many health benefits, including the following:

* Anti-inflammation

Celery contains a substance called apigenin, which is a compound that is currently being studied to examine its anti-cancer and anti-inflammatory properties. A study conducted by researchers found that diets containing this substance helped reduce the production of some proteins that increase inflammation.

* Controlling blood pressure levels

As demonstrated by a recent study, the results of which were recently published, celery has the ability to reduce high blood pressure in mice. Scientists used in the experiment materials extracted from celery seeds.

* Benefits of celery for weight loss

Celery is an excellent option for losing weight and resisting obesity, and the benefits of celery for slimming are because it contains a very low percentage of calories and because it is rich in fiber and contains apiol, which helps in feeling hungry for a long time and reduces the desire to eat.

How to eat celery?

Celery can be eaten cooked or raw as it is, but it is worth noting that raw vegetables contain a greater proportion of nutrients and antioxidants than cooked, and steaming celery for 10 minutes may not affect its nutritional value, but boiling it will definitely affect it.

Celery side effects.

Although allergies to celery are very common, celery is part of a small group of foods that have been linked to causing severe allergic reactions in some cases, similar to peanut allergies. And when a person allergic to celery is exposed to its oils, the exposure can cause fatal side effects.

Celery seeds contain the highest levels of allergens, which are not destroyed during cooking, so anyone with known food allergies should avoid celery completely.

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