Have you ever heard of black lemon? What is this type of lemon and what are the health benefits of black lemon?

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Have you ever heard of black lemon? What is this type of lemon and what are the health benefits of black lemon?

Dried black lemon is one of the ingredients that are widely used in the Middle East, and is known by many names, such as: black lime, loumi, Omani loumi, and noumi al-Basra.

It is originally a fresh lemon fruit that is boiled in water, and then dried in the air until it becomes solid and then turns black or dark brown in color.

Dried black lemon is used as one of the main seasoning varieties in the Persian Gulf countries, Iraq and Iran.

The flavor of the black lemon is strong. They taste like lemon, but they also have a smoky flavor and lack the sweetness of a fresh lemon. Since it is a substance that has been kept for a long time for use, it has a slightly bitter taste (the taste of fermented substances). But the bitter taste is concentrated in the peel.

What is the truth about the benefits of dried black lemon?

Dried black lemon has almost the same nutritional value as lemon, as it does not lose its nutritional values and benefits after boiling and drying.

In addition, black lemon is used as a spice and adds a delicious and sour taste to dishes, and has a nutritional and healthy benefit on the body, as it is rich in a group of nutrients that benefit and protect the body, such as: vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants.

Here are the most important health benefits of black lemon:

1- Reducing the chances of heart disease

Black lemon contains many nutrients important for heart health, the most important of which is potassium. Potassium is very necessary for the work of the heart muscle, strengthening it and regulating blood pumping in the body, as well as lowering blood pressure and high cholesterol.

This means that maintaining its levels helps protect the heart and lowers the risk of many different health diseases.

2- Body cleanser and sanitizer

Black lemon works to sterilize the body and clean it of toxins, by fighting bacteria and other dirt and removing them from the body, and this type of lemon contains vitamin C in particular, which strengthens the work of the immune system in this regard.

3- Protection from cancer

Black lemon has cancer-fighting properties, which reduce the risk of infection, and black lemon contains compounds that protect cells and maintain their normal division process.

4- Benefits of black lemon for the colon

Black lemon is a good nutritional component, especially for those who suffer from digestion problems. Where it works to calm the stomach, and treat constipation. It also contains harmful anti-bacterial properties, works to open the appetite, and strengthens the immune system.

How to prepare black lemon tea?

In order to get the benefits of dried lemon, you should try drinking black lemon tea

the components:

2 dried black lemons

4 cups of water.

¼ cup sugar or any other addition such as honey.

How to prepare?

1-Break the dried lemon balls into several pieces.

2-In a bowl, mix the black lemon slices with four cups of water.

3-Boil the pot on high heat.

4-Then reduce the heat to medium-low and simmer for 4 minutes.

5-Remove from the heat and filter through a cheesecloth or coffee filter to get rid of the solids.

6-Add sugar or a substitute for it to the tea and stir until dissolved.

Now you can eat it cold or according to room temperature, and then keep the surplus in the refrigerator.

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