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Herb That Makes You Bright

Unexpected benefits of chamomile

But first, what is chamomile?

Chamomile, or Camomile, is one of the oldest herbs that humans have used medicinally for more than five thousand years. It is a herbal plant belonging to the star family. It grows to a height between 15 and 40 cm. It bears white flowers with a yellow center. It is cultivated in most countries of the world.

The benefits of chamomile flower for your Skin :

fights pimples and acne, we hit the face.

It prevents scars and removes dead skin.

Exfoliate the face, and protect it from scorching sunburn.

Cleans from dirt, germs, marks, signs of fatigue and tiredness.

Reasons why you love using chamomile on your hair:

1. Treating dandruff problems

It was found that chamomile soaked may contribute to treating and reducing the problem of dandruff. To get this benefit, wash your hair and massage your scalp with chamomile soaked or cold boiled, after washing your hair.

2. Promote hair growth

The chamomile tea contains antiseptic elements that help get rid of dirt and dead cells that can obstruct hair follicles and prevent or slow down their growth. Chamomile may also contribute to raising the rate of metabolism, which in turn encourages rapid hair growth.

3. Hair gloss

It was found that washing hair permanently with chamomile may contribute to enhancing its health and appearance, and increasing its luster.

4. Reduce hair loss problems

As was rumored about chamomile by some, rinsing and washing the hair using chamomile may actually contribute to reducing or preventing hair loss, but so far there is no scientific evidence that chamomile effectively contributes to the treatment of hair loss and baldness.

Making a chamomile mask

Natural skin care

To make a chamomile mask, you can make it through the following steps:

Boil dry chamomile, or a bag of chamomile in enough water.

Allow the infusion to cool at room temperature, then filter it.

Add an appropriate amount of yoghurt and grapefruit juice to it, so that you don’t have a gravy mixture at the end after mixing it well.

Apply the mask to your dry hair from the roots to the ends using an appropriate brush.

Leave the mask on your hair for at least 15-20 minutes, and you can cover it with a towel or a special bag.

Wash your hair with warm water and an appropriate shampoo and conditioner.

Chamomile is cultivated in our farms on high quality under the supervision of agricultural engineers under European Union standards and our products contain the least amount of pesticides.

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