The basil plant is the unknown soldier with its many benefits unknown to some

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May 16, 2022
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The basil plant is the unknown soldier with its many benefits unknown to some

Basil, a simple vegetable that also flavors many foods when cooked; Therefore, we find many people resort to planting it indoors, as a result of the ease of cultivation in the narrowest spaces; Few of its leaves are picked to add it fresh to foods; And other hidden uses.

The basil herb is from the mint family, and it is included in many foods, especially Italian; The basil herb is famous for its use in most countries of the world, because it contains a group of vitamins and minerals important for human health, and it also contains high levels of antioxidants.

The most important nutrients in basil :

The benefits of basil result from the important nutrients found in basil, most notably the following:

Vitamin A.

Vitamin K

Vitamin C





Folic acid.

Omega 3 fatty acids.

Basil also contains a large amount of essential essential oils, rich in phenolic compounds, and a group of antioxidants, such as: flavonoids, and anthocyanins, which makes it of medical and therapeutic benefits that outweigh it, especially in the field of anti-inflammatory.

There are many different varieties of O. basilicum, including :

1- Sweet basil: The most widely grown, popular basil, renowned for its use in Italian dishes. Commonly sold dried in supermarkets. Has a licorice-clove flavor.

2- Bush or Greek basil: Has a strong aroma but mild flavor, so it can be substituted for sweet basil. Forms a compact bush with small leaves and grows well in a pot.

3- Thai basil: Has an anise-licorice flavor and is commonly used in Thai and Southeast Asian dishes.

4- Cinnamon basil: Native to Mexico. Has a cinnamon-like flavor and scent. Commonly served with legumes or spicy, stir-fried vegetables.

5Lettuce basil: Features large, wrinkled, soft leaves with a licorice-like flavor. Works well in salads or tossed with tomatoes and olive oil.

The amazing benefits of the basil herb :

  • Reduce memory loss associated with aging and stress.
  • Reduce the risk of stroke.
  • Contributes to lowering blood pressure in people with high blood pressure.
  • Reduces the risk of some types of cancer, such as: breast, colon, and pancreatic cancer.
  • Reducing the growth of bacteria that cause tooth decay.
  • It helps in treating stomach-related problems.
  • Increase mental alertness.
  • The problem of loss of appetite is treated.
  • The digestive system gets rid of gases.
  • Promotes kidney health.

Basil treats acne bacteria :

Herbal expert emphasized; Basil has the ability to reduce the reproduction of bacteria and prevent infections, so it contributed to the treatment of acne caused by bacterial infection.

The basil relieves anxiety and psychological stress; Because one of the benefits of basil is that it relieves anxiety, tension, and psychological stress, it was found that some of the chemicals contained in basil can help reduce the proportion of a hormone in the blood, which increases its secretion in the body in cases of stress.

The degree of safety of basil :

Eating basil in natural quantities found in food is often considered safe, but it is likely that it is unsafe to be taken in medicinal quantities by adults, pregnant women, nursing mothers, or children, and basil oils are often unsafe when taken in large quantities for a long time. ; This is because it contains astragol, a chemical that has been observed in some studies on mice that may have a role in increasing the risk of liver cancer.

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