The magic pill (Nigella sativa) benefits beyond imagination

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March 30, 2022
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April 1, 2022
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The magic pill (Nigella sativa) benefits beyond imagination

The black seed Nigella sativa has been used since ancient times, to treat diseases in humans and alleviate their suffering.

The black bean has many names, such as: Nigella sativa, Roman coriander, or black cumin, and it has always been known as a kind of spice and has been used since ancient times as a type of treatment for many diseases.

Studies conducted on the black seed confirmed its activity as an anti-diabetic, cough, anti-cancer, anti-oxidant, anti-microbial, anti-inflammatory, spasmolytic, and bronchodilator, in addition to its protective role for the liver and nerves.

Benefits of black seed on an empty stomach

1- Losing extra weight

Eating a teaspoon of black seed on an empty stomach and before bed helps to lose extra kilograms in a safe way, but if you suffer from any health problems, you should consult a doctor first.

2- Fighting respiratory diseases

One of the benefits of black seed on an empty stomach is the treatment and control of some respiratory problems, especially annoying sinus infections, and the black bean also helps to get rid of throat congestion and get rid of the accumulated phlegm in the respiratory tracts.

2- hair growth

The black seed is known for its many benefits related to hair growth, strengthening and intensifying it, whether you are thinking of using black seed oil topically on the hair or eating a handful of black seed on an empty stomach daily, the results will definitely amaze you.

Another benefit of nigella is stimulating the heart and blood vessels

Experiments have proven many of the protective effects of black seed on the heart due to the antioxidants it contains. A scientific study conducted on 108 people showed that consuming black cumin seeds for two months can lower blood pressure in patients with moderate hypertension.

Other studies have also found that black seed oil has a positive effect in reducing blood lipids and protecting against the development of atherosclerosis thanks to the quinone compound.

Anti-cancer of the pancreas, liver, prostate and kidneys

The compound thymohydroquinone extracted from the black seed shows promising anti-cancer, anti-tumor and anti-mutagenic activities. It also acts as a chemopreventive agent and is used in combination with a range of therapeutic agents to reduce the toxic effects of treatment. Black seed oil, which contains this substance, stimulates programmed cell death and prevents the spread of cancer cells in the pancreas

Black cumin side effects

Despite the various benefits of black seed, it can also cause stomach upset, vomiting or constipation when ingested, and it may increase the risk of seizures in some people.

Black seed oil can cause allergic rashes in some people when applied topically, so it should be tested on a small part of the skin first to ensure that it does not trigger an allergic reaction.

When thinking about eating the black bean on an empty stomach, you should eat the beans that have been roasted a little on the fire without additives, as the raw black beans may be heavy on the digestive system.

Although the black seed is relatively safe, like other natural remedies, it may carry some potential harm, so it is preferable to avoid it in the following cases

* Nursing, pregnant and children.

* Those with low blood pressure, the black seed may reduce pressure dramatically and dangerously.

* People who are going to have surgery, it is preferable to stop taking the black seed two weeks before the operation.

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