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February 17, 2022
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Good health needs good herbs.

Here’s what you need to know about hibiscus.

8 Surprising Benefits of Hibiscus:

1-Losing excess weight.
2-Reducing bad cholesterol levels while raising good cholesterol levels
3-Reducing high blood pressure levels.
4-Improves digestion
5-Cancer resistance
6-Resist depression
7-Improve sleep quality and prevent insomnia
8-Stop hair loss, make your hair look healthy and shiny

About the Hibiscus:

What is Hibiscus?

The hibiscus plant produces beautiful leaves and flowers, and the height of the plant reaches about 2,134 m.

All parts of this plant, including seeds, leaves, fruit, and even roots, are used by humans because of their good, pungent taste in foods, similar to the flavor of cranberries.

Hibiscus nutritional value:

The nutrients and compounds in hibiscus vary according to the different parts of the plant:

3.5 grams of protein.vitamin C
0.30 g of total fat.amino acids
8.7 grams of carbohydrates.anthocyanidins
0.4 mg riboflavin.steroids

Hibiscus uses and side effect:

UsesSide effects
1-Its leaves or stems can be eaten as they are added to salads or soups.

2-It can be used as a spice that is added to foods.

3-Hibiscus is used as a natural dye for all medical and food purposes, and even in cosmetics.  
1-Drinking hibiscus in moderation is generally considered safe, but high doses can cause some side effects.

2-Taking hibiscus extract in very high doses causes liver damage.

3-Hibiscus can lower blood sugar levels or blood pressure.

But did you know that the hibiscus flower is drinkable?

How to prepare it:

In a pot over medium heat, boil the water.

Put the hibiscus in a jug and pour boiling water over it.

Leave it to soak for 10 minutes, then strain it into two cups.

Feet immediately.

How is Hibiscus Cultivation in Egypt ?

Hibiscus plants begin to flower in late September and early October, and the sepals are suitable for collection about 20 days after the formation of the fruits

Cultivation of the crop is concentrated in Fayoum, Beni Suef, Aswan, Assiut, and Minya, and there is no specific season for export, so it takes place throughout the year

Hibiscus Storage Conditions:

Store in a cool dry place at a temperature above 20 ° C and relative humidity 75%.

Spice Home farms are located in , Egypt, Assiut, Fayoum and Minya Beni Suef. Hibiscus is cultivated in our farms on high quality under the supervision of agricultural engineers under European Union standards and our products contain the least amount of pesticides.

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