The best useful herb to drink and eat.

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February 16, 2022
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The best useful herb to drink and eat.

Did you know that you can drink and eat marjoram!!

Marjoram uses:

Marjoram leaves are used dry, fresh, or even crushed, and the oil can be extracted from them. Marjoram leaves are usually used as a spice to give flavor to food, and to improve its taste, such as adding it to salads, sauces and seasoning meat.

1_Put a teaspoon of dried marjoram in a small pot and add a cup of cold water to it, in the gas.

 How to Make Marjoram Tea?

2_Turn off the heat when the mixture begins to boil and let it steep for 10 minutes, as the longer the soaking time the more intense the taste.

3_Strain the mixture and let it cool for 5 minutes until the marjoram tea is ready to drink.

4_You can drink marjoram tea twice daily, and it can also be sweetened with a little honey.

delicious marjoram tea

Recipes for adding marjoram to food:

1_Mixing marjoram oil with some vegetable oils in the field of cooking and cooking daily.

2_To flavor the soup, it is used by wrapping two tablespoons of marjoram in a piece of cheesecloth, and placing it in the pot during the cooking process.

About the marjoram plant:

What is marjoram?

It is one of the aromatic plants that belong to the mint family, and is abundant in the Mediterranean region. It belongs to the oral family.

Marjoram nutritional value:

It contains many valuable nutrients, including:

MgVitamin K
Fevitamin C
MnVitamin B6       
Vitamin AFolic acid

Marjoram benefits and side effect:

side effectbenefits
1- It is not suitable for people with blood thinners, as it may cause bleeding1-Cancer prevention
-2 Increases uterine contractions, which leads to premature labour2-improve bowel movement
-3 May cause low blood sugar and this interferes with diabetes drugs3-Stimulate blood circulation
-4 It is necessary to put it on the hand to know if the body is allergic to this type of herbs4-Cure for insomnia and stress
-5 Not suitable for people with stomach ulcers5-Anti-infections
6- Increased risk of seizures among those exposed to it .6-Immunity booster

How is marjoram cultivation in Egypt?

It needs a temperate climate, like the Mediterranean climate. Where it does not tolerate severe frosts and air currents. a place with a somewhat warm and humid nature.

Its cultivation is concentrated in the governorates of )Giza, Fayoum, Beni Suef, Minya and Assiut( It is a plant that needs moderate, as it is irrigated every )7-10 ( days in summer, and irrigated in winter every )15-20 (days depending on the nature of the land.

The forms of marjoram:

  1. Marjoram Green Grey large cut
  2. Marjoram Green standard cut
  3. Marjoram Green Grey standard cut
  4. Marjoram fine cut through 30 Mesh and over 50 Mesh
  5. Marjoram pure powder through 50 Mesh

Marjoram storage conditions:

Store in a cool dry place at temperature above 20 ° C and relative humidity 75%.

Spice Home farms are located in , Egypt, Assiut, Fayoum and Minya Beni Suef. Marjoram is cultivated in our farms on high quality under the supervision of agricultural engineers under European Union standards and our products contain the least amount of pesticides.

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