This herb causes the death of the fetus

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May 19, 2022
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This herb causes the death of the fetus

The garden calendula is the most famous of the herbs and has multiple uses in European herbal medicine. Its bright petals are an excellent remedy for inflamed and swollen skin. Its antiseptic and therapeutic properties help reduce the spread of infection and speed up healing, and the flowers are also cleansing and detoxifying.

Daoud Al-Antaki said about him in his ticket: “Purifies the brain, chest, and viscera, expels vermin from the abdomen and the house and escapes from it wherever they were, especially the flies. It breaks up the gravel and generates excreta, and drops the fetuses even if the pregnant hand holds it for a short period, it repairs the teeth by gurgling and the mother of the boys. Drops and the spleen go away. And entertained jaundice, joints and coating pigs.

Ibn al-Bitar said about him in his Jami’: “People claimed that if a pregnant woman held him with her hands clenched one against the other, the fetus would suffer great and severe harm from him, and if she continued to hold and smell the fetus, it was said that its smoke escaped from mice and squirrels. And if he put his rose in a place from which flies escaped, and if he knocked and bandaged the lower back with it, he preached a moderate admonition, and if he used a juice, it prevented toothache, as it removes the defense from phlegm. If she endured, she became pregnant.

Ibn Sina said, “The Azeri is hot in the third when it is dry. It has an antidote. It strengthens the heart, but it tends in the mood of the soul to his side, anger rather than joy. It benefits from fox disease, crushed with vinegar, its ashes with vinegar on the sciatica, it benefits from all poisons, especially stings.”

Calendula Variety :

There are numerous cultivars of Calendula officinalis. Popular varieties include:

‘Pink Surprise’: Ruffled gold and yellow flowers, sometimes with pink edges and dark apricot centers

Touch of Red’: Flowers with a mixture of orange and red shades with red-tipped petals

‘Greenheart Orange’: Flowers with orange petals surrounding lime-green centers; a very unusual looking plant

‘Citrus Cocktail’: A compact, short plant with yellow and orange flowers; works well in containers

Calendula herb (marigold): many benefits and uses :

Here is a list of the most important potential benefits of calendula:

  1. Accelerate the healing of wounds and burns
  2. Combating some skin problems
  3. Improving oral health
  4. Improving eye health
  5. Combat muscle spasms

Benefits of calendula for the skin :

  • Moisturizes dry skin
  • Reduces radiation damage
  • Reduces UV damage
  • Calendula for acne
  • Promotes wound healing
  • Reduces diaper rash
  • moisturizer
  • Medicated ointment or cream

How to use calendula in your daily skincare routine :

1– Serum

Calendula is widely used in serums and creams, and when choosing a product, read the label and look for Calendula officinalis on the label, as the active ingredient.

2– essential oil tincture

You can make a tincture of calendula essential oil. Add a few drops of calendula oil in a carrier oil, such as: jojoba or argan, and your essential oil tincture is ready! Apply it every day before bed, to get smooth and radiant skin.

Benefits of calendula for hair :

Change in hair color gives you a feeling of freshness and renewal, but chemicals may be harmful to hair in the long run, try these recipes with us for natural dyes.

– Calendula for hair care

Calendula is useful, also, against dandruff and scalp inflammation, and calendula is often found as an active ingredient in many shampoos.

– Marigold bath

You can use flower heads and petals in a warm bath, to help you relax, and soothe your skin.

– Azerbaijani mask

You can use calendula tea bags to make a soothing face mask. Just, steep two bags of calendula tea for 6-8 minutes, then take out the bag and let it cool. Now, add half a cup of yogurt, and half a cup of oats, mix them well and apply on your face, leave for 15 minutes, and wipe with a damp cloth.

Damage and complications of the calendula herb :

Despite the many potential benefits of the calendula herb, its use sometimes may cause a range of damage and health complications, which include the following:

Having an allergic reaction, especially if the person who uses the calendula herb is allergic to some plants or herbs of the same plant family, such as: chamomile, or when used on the skin of children.

Possible complications when calendula is used by a nursing or pregnant woman, as calendula may cause a miscarriage.

Negative interactions with some types of medications, such as: sedative or narcotic drugs, blood pressure lowering drugs, blood sugar lowering drugs, and cholesterol lowering drugs.

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